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Hot and soft drinks

We provide a large range of hot drinks such as tea, coffee, chocolate, and much more.
Our hot and soft drinks range contain:

  • A large range of tea
  • Coffe
  • Sparking drinks
  • Squashes & cordials
  • Water

Juice and carbonated drinks

At Bektonfood you will find a wide range of drinksĀ  from low sugar options to premium drinks.

Most requested products that we supply are:

  • Fruit juice
  • Smoothies
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Fruit drinks
  • Sports & energy drinks

Low-alcohol drinks

Our low-alcohol drinks range contain drinks from the UK and around the world, from the most known brands to local, craft, and artisan drinks.

  • Beers
  • Ciders
  • Mixers
  • Cocktails


Wines and spirits

Wines and spirits are one of the most requested products supplied by Bektonfood, as we offer a wide range from all corners of the world.

  • Wines
  • Sparkling drinks
  • Whiskys
  • Gins
  • Strong alcoholic drinks



Just let us know what are you looking for and we will get back with the offer: